Government seeks extra cash to pay €100,000 pensions for 84 retired civil servants – Fleming

Published on: 28 November 2012

One week from Budget Day the Government has sought approval of an extra €25m to pay pensions of retired civil servants, 84 of whom are on pensions of over €100,000.

The information was released by Minister Brian Hayes under questioning from Fianna Fáil Public Expenditure Spokesman Sean Fleming at the Select Sub-Committee on Public Expenditure and Reform, which was discussing the supplementary estimate this afternoon.

Deputy Fleming said: “Has this government learned nothing in its time in office?  One week from another budget which will impact on people’s daily lives and this Government is seeking approval to use more taxpayers’ money to fund massive pensions for retired senior civil servants.  This is not acceptable.  Ministers are not powerless to act in this situation.

“I expect the Government to address this issue in its budget next week and move to close-off these massive pensions in the civil service.  It is not acceptable at a time when we’re asking more and more of ordinary people while a small group of privileged people remain protected from the economic reality facing the country.” 

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