Gerry Adams needs to spell out his financial links to US Travel Ban promoters – Collins

Published on: 30 January 2017

Fianna Fáil Jobs Spokesperson Niall Collins TD has called on Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams to spell out clearly what contact he has had with prominent supporters of the President’s controversial travel ban and the extent of his party’s relationship with US President Donald Trump.

Deputy Collins was speaking following a short statement from the Sinn Féin leader attacking the policy and calling for Pre Clearance for US travel to be removed from Dublin and Shannon airports.

He commented, “Gerry Adams, in common with most other right thinking people, condemns the travel ban initiated in recent days by US President Donald Trump.  However, he has gone further than most others and called for the removal of Pre Clearance for US travel at Dublin and Shannon airports, adding significantly to travel time for Irish passengers, as a protest.

“However, unlike the vast bulk of those who use Pre Clearance for business and personal travel, Deputy Adams is uniquely placed to actually make a meaningful personal protest on this issue.

“We know from archival footage that he enjoyed a warm relationship with the newly elected President in the past, when Mr Trump was a high profile attendee at Sinn Féin fundraisers, acknowledged publicly by the Sinn Féin leader.

“We also know that Congressman Peter King, named by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani as one of the key architects of the travel ban, is a long time close personal ally of Deputy Adams and a major fundraiser for his party for over thirty years. While Rep. King has now claimed that he didn’t design the ban, he has expressed his strong support for it and has urged the President to go further, establishing a Federal Muslim Surveillance Programme.

“Deputy Adams condemns the travel ban and asks Irish passengers to give up the Pre Clearance facility in protest, but that costs him and his party nothing.  Will he publicly, here and through his offices in New York, condemn the comments of Representative Peter King?  Will he spell out how much Rep King has donated and helped raise for his organisation since he first came out in support of NORAID in the 1980s and return that cash?

“Will he spell out how much the US President and/or the Trump Organisation has donated to the party over the years?

“Deputy Adams and his party have long, close and lucrative links to key people associated with this decision and the ideology that has prompted it. We need to hear more from Deputy Adams than a hand wringing 120 word press release,” concluded Collins.

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