Garda leadership takes a blow as figures show fall in number of Inspectors – O’Callaghan

Published on: 20 February 2018

Fianna Fáil Justice Spokesperson Jim O’Callaghan TD has said a decrease in the number of personnel assigned to middle and senior rank positions in An Garda Síochana in Dublin, hampers their ability to monitor and defeat serious crime.

Information received by the Deputy this month, reveals that in some Metropolitan Regions in Dublin the number of Garda Inspectors has halved since 2010, while all other divisions have had a marked decrease.

Commenting on the figures he said, “Garda Inspectors play a key role in the decision making in Ireland’s police force.

“A 14% fall between 2016 and 2017 is a clear indicator that Garda leadership in Dublin is dwindling.

“This reduction in Inspectors compounds the already diminished Garda presence across Dublin, which has continued despite the resumption in recruitment. The city is down almost 100 Gardaí since 2016 and close to 1,000 Gardaí since 2010.

“Reducing the level of staffing in the supervisory ranks of An Garda Síochana severely hampers their ability to provide adequate supervision and support to the public.

“A weakened number of Inspectors sends a poor message to the criminals on our streets, not to mention can inflict immense work related stress on all other Gardaí.

“Instead of relying on the same Inspectors to take on additional shifts or duties, we should be speeding up the recruitment process and ensuring that qualified Gardaí are promoted.

He concluded, “The Minister needs to step up and recognise the fact that any Garda success in curbing criminality is dependent upon sufficient resources being allocated to the Gardaí. This includes filling middle to senior rank positions.”

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