Fianna Fáil reiterates call for independent inquiry into Finucane murder

Published on: 26 June 2015

Fianna Fáil spokesperson on Foreign Affairs Brendan Smith has reiterated his call for an independent inquiry into the circumstances that led to the murder of Pat Finucane in 1989.  It follows fresh calls for an independent investigation to be launched.

Deputy Smith commented, “It is completely unacceptable that successive British Governments have repeatedly blocked requests from the Irish State for an independent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the murder of Pat Finucane.

“Pat Finucane was brutally murdered at only 39 years of age.  This cold and callous killing was carried out at his home in north Belfast in front of his wife and children as they were sitting down for their Sunday dinner.  Loyalist paramilitaries used a sledgehammer to break into their house and opened fire, shooting him 14 times.  Ever since that time there has been the persistent suspicion of security force collusion in the crime.

“Fianna Fáil has long believed that a public inquiry is needed to establish the full truth of events leading up to this murder.  We secured the agreement of the British Government to appoint a judge of international standing to investigate the murder at the Weston Park Agreement.  But unfortunately, the British Government has so far failed to live up to that agreement.  It is clear that only a full inquiry will allow for all documents to be released, and for witnesses to be cross-examined. It is the only way of getting to the truth about the extent of security force collusion and exactly who knew what”.

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