Dublin needs to support Sustainable Urban Cycling – O’Callaghan

Published on: 18 February 2016

Fianna Fáil Press Office
Cllr Jim O’Callaghan
Dublin Bay South

18 February 2016

Dublin needs to support Sustainable Urban Cycling – O’Callaghan

Fianna Fáil candidate for Dublin Bay South (and enthusiastic cyclist) Cllr Jim O’Callaghan is calling for greater supports for cyclists in the capital city and for more efforts to be made to encourage sustainable travel.

Speaking following the launch of the party’s Transport Policy document A Better Deal For Commuters, Cllr O’Callaghan said that Fianna Fáil prioritises sustainable transport and is the Party that has done the most to advance sustainable travel.

“In 2009, Fianna Fáil launched Ireland’s first National Cycle Policy Framework which was part of the then Government’s 20 year Smarter Travel transport policy. The central plank of our strategy for increasing cycling was the Bike to Work Scheme which, by any measure, has been a remarkable success drastically increasing the number of people using their bikes for leisure and work.

“While cycling safety and cycling infrastructure has improved markedly since the Smarter Travel document was published, many elements of this progressive policy have yet to be implemented. Policymakers need to take a much more active interest in improving the urban cycling experience in cities and urban areas throughout the country.

“There are many long-term benefits of an enhanced urban cycling framework. In a society where obesity is becoming an ever increasing problem, an integrated network of cycle lanes provides thousands of people with an outlet to exercise on a daily basis.

“In many cases, Fianna Fáil proposals outlined in our policy document Improving the Urban Cycling Experience involve simple changes to legislation. For example, we are proposing a ban on parking in cycle lanes and the greater integration of cycling with public transport.
“In the next government we will introduce a number of initiatives to increase cycling as a regular mode of commuting to work. These initiatives include:

  • Roll-Out Secure Bike Lockers throughout the City and at all Train and Dart Stations
  • Ensure ongoing quality improvements in Bike Lanes and Cycle ways by earmarking portion of Local Government Fund to annual Resurfacing and Maintenance of Bike Lanes
  • Establish a new Cycle Way Fund for bike-ways and cycle-friendly infrastructure, Dublin Bikes extensions as well as funding for open street Cyclovia initiatives.

“The current government lacks a strategic vision for the future of public transport in Dublin. We have a plan. A very well researched a fully costed plan which will make a huge difference to the future of Dublin,” added Cllr O’Callaghan.



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