Developers must foot €10m fire safety bill at Beacon South

Published on: 25 January 2017

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson for Dublin, John Lahart TD has said that the developers who constructed the Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford, South Dublin must rightfully foot the cost to rectify fire safety deficiencies at the apartment complex.

The Beacon South Quarter is now the third residential complex in Dublin to have experienced poor standards of construction.

Commenting on reports, Deputy Lahart said,”This is an extremely distressing situation for the residents of The Beacon South. First it was Priory Hall, then Longboat Quay and now another incidence of defects identified in construction in our Capital.

“When prospective home buyers purchase an apartment in the complex, they did so in confidence that all proper standards have been met during the building process, prior to agreed sale. It is estimated that up to 800 apartment owners are affected and each could potentially face a potential bill of €10,000-€20,000.

“These home-owners have likely scrimped and saved for some time to meet tough mortgage requirements and are now expected to contribute a significant amount of money to rectify poor fire safety standards.

“This is not just a matter for the owners and landlords but also for those renting in the premises, as these extra charges will likely effect their cost of rent.

“The astronomical bill to cover improvements to existing fire safety structures at the complex has arisen through no fault of those living at the Beacon. Responsibility should therefore fall to the local authority and the management company. The developers who constructed this complex should be rightfully pursued to rectify these poor standards,” explained the Dublin South West TD.

“This incident raises a number of serious questions not just about this building, but also about fire safety inspections at construction stage. The management company need to now provide further explanation to justify why residents have been asked to foot a hefty bill to remedy a situation that was not caused by them.

“As housing construction ramps up to meet high demand across Dublin, it is the responsibility of all relevant authorities to ensure that building standards are adequately met. Negligence of any standard or deficiency in fire safety must face serious sanction.

“In the broader term we must tackle these repetitive building defects and evaluate building regulation. It is wholly unacceptable that the safety of residents would be put in jeopardy so that a complex can be simply be built quicker,” concluded Deputy Lahart.

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