DCC led bin collection services can improve the city’s worsening waste problem – Neylon

Published on: 28 March 2019

Earlier this week, a number of public service unions launched their campaign to bring privatised waste collection services back under the control of each of the country’s local authorities including Dublin City Council. Fianna Fáil Local Election candidate in Ballyfermot Drimnagh, Eoin Neylon believes this is a proposal that could help guide the public attitude towards properly and more responsibly managing domestic waste. Neylon, who is Chairperson of Tidy Drimnagh and a Climate Change Ambassador with An Taisce commented, “Our Local Authority continues to have to fork out a colossal amount of taxpayer funds to clean up illegal dumping and fly tipping across our city. On the other hand, residents that I have met with in recent months are paying anywhere from €250 to €520 per year for the private collection of their domestic waste. “The council’s decision in 2011 to adopt a policy of privatisation in terms of waste management services in Dublin has simply not worked and has led to the removal of both public litter bins and bins to properly dispose of dog fouling in our communities. “People are frustrated from having to tolerate reams of unsightly rubbish scattered on street corners and along footpaths day in day out. That is just one of the many reasons why the proposal put forward by Fórsa together with SIPTU and Connect, to bring waste management services back under DCC’s remit warrants full public support. “Changing the city’s approach to waste collection is something I am especially passionate about and have been campaigning for since the municipal led affordable waste collection operation in Dublin was first abolished. “I firmly believe that the money generated from the Local Property Tax combined with the savings in no longer being forced to pay for the scourge caused by illegal dumping could certainly provide for a first class public waste collection service in our city. “Re-introducing a co-ordinated, Local Authority led waste collection service would not just be good for the environment but equally good for the pockets of Dubliners, and good for those employed in the industry. “It has the potential to alleviate the level of dependence on the efforts of voluntary led groups to contain the city’s worsening litter problem – hard working groups such as Tidy Drimnagh, Inchicore Environmental Group, Crumlin Community Clean-up, Walkinstown Residents Association, andBallyfermot Chapelizod Partnership to name just a few. “Reincorporating bin collection services into the responsibilities held by DCC makes complete sense. Should I be successful this Friday, May 24th and be elected as a Dublin City Council representative for our area, I aim to ensure that this is a matter of priority,” he concluded.

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