Current Government has been a Disaster for Health Service – FF

Published on: 22 September 2015

Fianna Fáil Health Spokesperson Billy Kelleher this evening launched his party’s first private members motion of the new Dáil session, describing the current Fine Gael / Labour Party Government as a disaster for the Irish health service.

Deputy Kelleher commented, “I am pleased that on the first day of the new Dáil term we get the opportunity to have a debate on the state of health services across the country.  It is particularly appropriate that the debate will begin after three hours of Government backbenchers competing with each other to heap praise on the Taoiseach and the great job he is doing.

“No amount of Government spin will cover the fact that our health services are in crisis.  Over the course of the summer I spoke to clinicians and front line staff from all parts of the country and the picture they paint is bleak.  Adding to the sense of despair, is the behaviour of their minister Leo Varadkar who has stepped sideways from the role of responsible minister and instead has styled himself as a sort of detached commentator on what is happening on his watch.

“And the failure on health doesn’t stop with Leo Varadkar.  It is two years since the Taoiseach announced that he was taking personal charge of ensuring that plans and budgets in Health were delivered.  Since then a Minister’s been sacked, overruns have increased, waiting lists have soared, emergency trollies have become a constant feature across the country and things have got worse in nearly every area.

“Tonight we will be setting out in very clear terms the exact extent of the crisis that is unfolding and the Fianna Fáil response to it.”

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