Cork the ideal location for new National Regeneration Agency – McGrath

Published on: 26 June 2018

Cork South Central TD, Michael McGrath is calling on the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government to consider Cork as a potential home for the new National Regeneration and Development Agency which has been promised as part of Project 2040 by the Government.

The National Regeneration and Development Agency’s primary role would be to ensure a more effective approach to strategic land management, particularly in terms of publicly owned land.

Deputy McGrath was commenting after raising the establishment of the Agency with Minister Murphy through a number of parliamentary questions.

“This new Agency has been promised under the Project Ireland 2040 initiative and it will focus on harnessing public lands as a catalyst to stimulate urban regeneration. The Cork docklands area offers the potential to be one of the most exciting urban regeneration projects not just in Ireland, but throughout Europe.

“The government has a unique opportunity to signal its support for the urban regeneration potential of the Cork docklands project by locating this Agency in the city. Cork offers the ideal counterweight to the growth of Dublin and the eastern seaboard. The Cork docklands project needs significant public investment and government support.

“The decision as to where to locate this Agency offers the government an ideal opportunity to highlight the immense potential for urban regeneration in the heart of Cork City. I strongly believe the government should locate this planned new Agency in Cork City and one of its first tasks should be to provide development funding for the Cork docklands project,” concluded McGrath.

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