Adding a Judge to Siteserv review still falls short of proper inquiry – FF Leader

Published on: 27 April 2015

The Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin has criticised the Government’s announcement of an extremely narrow ‘review’ into certain transactions at IBRC leading up to the controversial sale of Siteserv.

Reacting to the Government’s statement this evening Deputy Martin commented, “This an extremely weak attempt by Government to give the impression of an inquiry while avoiding any real independent investigation into the very serious questions surrounding the sale of Siteserv.

“The appointment of a judge to merely ‘monitor certain transactions’ at the IBRC does not go nearly far enough. The terms of reference are far too narrow. There is no effort whatsoever to address the fundamental conflict of interest that still remains unchallenged. A ‘monitoring’ role will do nothing to get to the bottom of the Siteserv sale and the decisions that were made on behalf of taxpayers.

“This is a very clear attempt by Government to avoid the full and independent investigation that this controversy clearly warrants. Attempts have been made right from the start to stop information from getting into the public domain. The only way to find out exactly what happened is to establish a Commission of Investigation without further delay.”

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