Acquisition of land a welcome addition to National Park

Published on: 03 August 2016

Fianna Fáil TD for Dublin South West, John Lahart has welcomed the acquisition of five thousand acres of the Dublin Mountains at Glenasmole Valley, in south County Dublin and says it is set to become a local and national treasure.

Speaking amid confirmation of its sale from NAMA, Deputy Lahart said, “I am relieved to learn that this land has been purchased by the state and has now been taken out of private ownership.

“Having met with locals recently, I shared their concerns regarding the future use of the area which straddles the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains and is classified as moorland and mountain land and has extensive grazing rights. The area also has huge tourist potential and the capacity to attract significant tourist numbers if it is developed sensitively.

“As former chairperson of South Dublin County Council’s Tourism Strategy Group, I am acutely aware of how important this land is as an amenity; to local people and visitors alike, due its vast expanse, seclusion and unspoiled habitat.

“I am relieved that following my correspondence with the Minister on the sale of the land, the Department has seized the opportunity to expand the Wicklow Mountains National Park into some of the picturesque lands in my constituency, known as the Featherbeds.

“Such an initiative has the potential to create thousands of jobs in the wider locality and region. I hope that the purchase of the land by the state will secure its future as an unspoiled natural amenity for generations to come,” added Deputy Lahart.

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