Fianna Fáil Councillor and Bye Election Candidate for Wexford, Malcolm Byrne has called on the Minister for Education to ensure that all new and refurbished schools in Co. Wexford will include a provision for children with special needs.

Malcolm made the call as recent information received by Fianna Fáil confirmed that schools are still being built without places for children with special needs.

He said, “It makes absolutely no sense, in this day and age, that the Government are developing education infrastructure that does not have the capacity to meet the needs of all potential students.

“In fact, it is completely counterproductive. The number of children with special educational needs will only increase while the number of schools which can suitably accommodate them isn’t increasing.

“Every August there is a major panic to find suitable places for children with special educational needs. I regularly hear from parents who are so worried as the school year approaches that there won’t be a place for their child.

“This panic and stress can be avoided. A common-sense approach needs to be taken here.

“Changes are needed immediately to ensure all new or refurbished schools in Wexford are given the necessary resources and help to be fully equipped for special educational needs”, he concluded.