Fianna Fáil General Election candidate for Dublin Central Mary Fitzpatrick is calling on NAMA to rethink its plans for the north docks of Dublin City. This week NAMA announced plans for a luxury hotel, office space and student accommodation but their announcement failed to prioritise the provision of affordable family homes.

Mary commented, “Dublin’s north docks are a unique water front prime urban location which is ideal for the regeneration and development of a vibrant and stable urban community. We have a once in a century opportunity to recreate and rebuild a modern docklands community and we must get it right.

“The plan unveiled by NAMA this week falls well short of what we should be aiming for. Their plan focuses on office, commercial and transient accommodations. There is no adequate provision of desperately needed affordable residential accommodation or community facilities such as schools.

“Close to 50% of the population in Dublin Central lives in private rented properties. There are more than 20,000 applicants on Dublin City Council’s housing list. Over 1,000 families, many with young children, are living in emergency homeless accommodation yet NAMA’s €5billion plan offers none of these families any hope.

“Instead of taking this opportunity to invest public funds in good quality affordable homes that will make Dublin Central a desirable place for families to live, this multi-billion euro Government sponsored NAMA plan is instead investing in accommodation for transient people. This is contrary to fostering a vibrant and stable community. They need to go back to the drawing board.

“The original Docklands Master Plan promised 188 social and affordable housing units to be built in the North Wall docklands area but this never happened. Now NAMA is proposing high rise office blocks, luxury apartments and reduced size student accommodation. There appears to be no provision for affordable family homes. This is bad for the local community and bad for our capital city.

“NAMA is tasked with completing its work by 2020. NAMAs plans for the docklands need to focus beyond the next General Election and beyond NAMAs retirement in 2020. We need plans that will build a modern, vibrant, stable community for the next century.”