Cork North West TD, Michael Moynihan has again called on the Government to provide the funding for the much needed M20 motorway between Cork and Limerick.

Deputy Moynihan made the plea to the Minister for Transport, Shane Ross during a special debate on the issue in Dáil Éireann this week.

“There has been much noise in recent weeks about the possible rerouting of this motorway via Tipperary, as a spur off the M8, to reduce the overall costs.

“I am troubled by the Minister’s response. He said that ‘the size of the project is pretty forbidding in the current circumstances, but I would not rule out creative or imaginative suggestions in this regard.

“To me the use of ‘creative and imaginative’ suggests that the Government are unfortunately still considering the alternative route via Tipperary.

“This will be a source of great concern for many people, not least the communities in North Cork who will be left without motorway access to the State’s second and third cities. 

“The Mid-Term Capital Review is currently underway, and Fianna Fáil has urged the Government to provide funding for a direct M20 project.

“Government TDs and Ministers in Cork need to impress upon the Minister for Public Expenditure the critical importance of delivering funding for this project. If they don’t, they will be letting down their communities.

“The delivery of a direct motorway from Cork to Limerick via North Cork can transform this part of the country by enhancing its connectivity and making it a more attractive place to live and work.

“If the Government is committed to reinvigorating rural Ireland, they will not be side-tracked by short term thinking, and they will build the motorway direct to Limerick via North Cork,” concluded Moynihan.