Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Communications, Michael Moynihan TD, has called on people to make sure they have switched over to the new Soarview service ahead of Wednesday’s change from the old analogue service to a new digital one.

Deputy Moynihan commented: “With just a couple of days to go the big switchover, it is important that people know what will happen if they haven’t upgraded to the new Saorview service. The old analogue service will be switched off and people will be met with blank screens unless they have the Saorview box or a Saorview approved TV.

“I would have a huge concern that a lot of elderly people may not have signed up to the Saorview service yet and to avoid confusion and undue stress I would urge people to make sure their elderly friends, neighbours and relatives are aware of what will happen on Wednesday and the effect it will have on their TV. I am calling on people to be vigilant and to do what they can to make sure elderly friends and neighbours are not left out.

“The latest figures we had for the amount of people that still have not switched over was 100,000, which was worryingly large. Based on anecdotal evidence, my fear is that the elderly would be disproportionately represented in that group. A simple phone call to a neighbour is all that may be needed to avoid a lot of confusion and stress on Wednesday.”