Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Children & Youth Affairs Anne Rabbitte says thousands of parents across the country will miss out on the Single Affordable Childcare scheme because their childcare providers are not signed up to the scheme.

“I have had parents coming to me frustrated and disappointed because the crèche that their child is enrolled in will not be taking part in the Single Affordable Childcare scheme”, said Deputy Rabbitte.

“Childcare places can be very hard to come by, especially in larger towns and cities, with parents coming under even more pressure if they have more than one child in a crèche.  Most parents will not want to uproot their kids, particularly if they are happy there and have made friends.  However, if their provider hasn’t signed up to the affordable childcare scheme, they will miss out on the subsidies that they are entitled to.

“Since this scheme was first announced, childcare providers have spoken about being left out in the cold over the design and implementation of the programme. The Government’s failure to create a suitable ICT system is adding to the problem as there will be a huge amount of paperwork and admin involved for crèches.

“What is Minister Zappone going to do for these families? What steps is she taking to ensure that parents in every part of the country will be able to access the scheme?  Parents should not be penalised because of the Government’s failure to ensure that it is made as simple as possible for crèches and childcare providers to sign up”.