Fianna Fáil TD for Donegal  Charlie McConalogue says successive years of government underinvestment in our roads network has left many local and regional routes in extremely dangerous condition.

Deputy McConalogue was speaking ahead of a Fianna Fáil motion in the Dáil which is highlighting the state of our roads network.

“People living in Donegal are all too familiar with dire road conditions as a result of chronic underinvestment by Fine Gael over the past seven years.  The seriousness of the situation was underlined in a recent report from the National Oversight and Audit Commission, which found that 70% of regional roads across the country have some form of structural or surface deficit”, said Deputy McConalogue.

“Defects in our roads infrastructure have serious repercussions for road safety, leading to increased accidents and collisions.  This issue is as much about saving lives as it is about infrastructure.  Too many lives have been lost on Donegal roads and a concerted effort must be made to make the necessary improvements to ensure our roads are as safe as possible.

“The government itself recognises that a minimum of €580m must be spent every year to maintain our roads network, however, only €163m has been allocated this year – that’s around one third of the amount needed to repair and keep roads as a “steady state” level.

“This level of underinvestment will have a major impact on regional development, slowing down any progress which could be made.  The situation is now reaching crisis point and urgent investment must be made a priority if we are to reach an acceptable standard along our roads network”.