Fianna Fáil’s Transport, Tourism and Sport Spokesperson, Robert Troy has said increases in public transport fares introduced today are ill timed for ordinary commuters.

The Deputy was commenting this morning, as public transport passengers nationwide will experience changes to the costs of their journey. Passengers across services in Dublin will notice an increase in cost while some Cork commuter prices have gone up as much as 5%.

He said, “The National Transport Authority might well see today’s changes as part of their objective to simplify the pricing of services across the board but really it is hard to see how this is helpful.

“Passengers the length and breath of the country are frustrated by ongoing issues in the quality of service they are paying for. Dublin is a major European city and yet its public transport system is bursting at the seams. It is going to come as a knock that these commuters are now faced with another hike when no improvements have been made in the provision of services.

“As the Minister responsible once put it himself when responding to increases in fares back in 2011; “the Government has the power under legislation to issues guidelines or policies to the NTA. What better use of that power than to freeze fares.” “Flabby CIE puts the cost on you”, Minister Ross added.

“There is a strong argument about simplifying the existing fare system in place but that could be done by introducing universal ticketing or fare prices not charging the commuter more for their loyalty.

“Fact of the matter is, that if today’s changes were part of a grand plan to aid passengers and to help transition to better fare structures, it has been approached in the wrong way and at the wrong time.”