Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Health, Billy Kelleher has said that a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding the detention of a pregnant minor under the Mental Health Act must take place and a report must be published as quickly as possible.

“The reports in the national media yesterday and today are disturbing to say the least. We need the full facts of this case, and full sight of all documentation relating to this young person’s detention.

“There was clearly a mismatch between what the young girl, and her parents thought was going to happen, and what the medical personnel were planning to do. It seems she was detained without her consent and was deemed depressed but not suicidal.

“It’s my understanding that subsequent interventions by psychiatrists determined that the girl should not have been detained as ‘there was no evidence of a psychological disorder’.

“There needs to be clarity brought to this case so that all concerned can learn from it so that it can be prevented from ever happening this way again.

“Clearly this entire episode was very traumatic for the girl in question. Two competing pieces of legislation were at play, and we need to see better, more compassionate application of both,” concluded Kelleher.