Ireland North West MEP Pat the Cope Gallagher has today criticised the intervention of Nigel Farage and the UK Independence Party to the debate on the Stability Treaty referendum.
Pat the Cope Gallagher MEP for Ireland North West was speaking today in the European Parliament during a key debate on the Eurozone crisis and tomorrow’s informal meeting of EU Leaders.
The UK Independence Party has funded a leaflet to be delivered to every home, which Pat the Cope described as “misleading and inaccurate”. Pat the Cope informed the UK MEP that “while he has recommended a No vote, his contribution is a boost to the Yes campaign as Irish citizens will never take our lead from the UK Independence Party.”
Speaking on the forthcoming meeting of EU Leaders on growth and jobs, Pat the Cope stated “Fiscal discipline and growth enhancing measures are two sides of the same coin. The quicker that we can stabilise the Eurozone, the quicker we can build economic recovery within the Eurozone and in Ireland.”
“This is the question facing the Irish people when they vote on the Stability Treaty referendum on May 31st next. A Yes vote will ensure stability in the Eurozone, which will help create a positive climate, conducive for investment and growth.”
“EU leaders will meet tomorrow to map out initiatives to pave the way for future growth. This is a welcome and positive development, which will complement the Stability Treaty. Central to any stimulus package must be increased funding for the European Investment Bank, a portion of which, should be ring fenced to support the SME sector.”