In recent weeks, Pat the Cope Gallagher MEP has held a series of high level meetings with the European Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, Maria Damanaki and her senior officials.
Pat the Cope Gallagher MEP is a member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries.
Pat the Cope Gallagher MEP stated today that “internal discussions are still ongoing in the European Commission, however, Commissioner Damanaki is still confident that the reform package will be published on the 13th of July next. The proposal on the European Fisheries Fund will be published at a later date in line with the next Multi Financial Framework.”
“The Commission will make the Maximum Sustainable Yield principle a legal obligation under the next CFP. In addition, the Commission will propose a discards ban. I believe that real incentives for our fishermen are required if a ban on discards is to be effective.”
“The Commission will propose a new system of transferrable fishing rights within Member States, not cross border. Boats under 12 metres will be exempt. I have strong reservations concerning this proposal.”
“Moreover, Member States will have a greater role in the decision making process via regionalisation. I understand that the legal service in the Commission is currently ironing out some last minute legal difficulties in respect to regionalisation.”
“In terms of the process, for the first time the European Parliament will have an equal say to the Member States under co-decision. I shall work in close cooperation with all stakeholders to ensure the best possible deal for Ireland and Irish fishermen”.