Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Disability, Margaret Murphy O’Mahony, has said the Cabinet meeting this week set to focus solely on disabilities must recognise the litany of failings which the Government has presided over and put in place a framework for delivering actual solutions.

Deputy Murphy O’Mahony said the Cabinet must acknowledge the thousands of children waiting for assessments of need, the failure to meet targets for overnight respite, the lack of school places for children with disabilities and their broken promise on recruiting therapists.

She said, “If, as is being reported, this meeting is a cynical attempt by Fine Gael to get the Disabilities Minster on side before the forthcoming General Election, then it’s a clear indication of how little they actually care about those with disabilities.

“Where were they when it was reported that there would be no home supports over the Christmas period. Why did they not meet to discuss the crisis in overdue assessment of needs which rose by almost 15% in six months.

“It will take more than one special cabinet meeting to discuss all the failings in disabilities and I can’t but wonder if it is too little too late for the thousands of children unable to get an assessment, or the secondary school children unable to get a school place, or the parents unable to get just a few hours of respite,” she concluded.