Local East Meath Fianna Fáil Councillor, Stephen McKee, is pleased to announce that Meath County Council have included a pedestrian crossing for the Eastham Road, Bettystown on their list of schemes needing funding under the National Transport Authority.

McKee stated: ‘I am pleased with the development that has been communicated to me by Meath County Council. I recently tabled a motion at the local area meeting of the Council demanding road safety measures. I was the first and the only local Councillor to do so. A huge number of families in the area have contacted me with their concerns. There is currently no safe crossing on the Eastham Road, which is in the vicinity of a large number of housing estates including Castlemartin, Betaghstown Wood, The Cloisters, Eastham Court, Wellesley Manor and Northlands.’

‘Sadly, a local boy was seriously injured in an accident recently on this stretch, when he was struck by a car crossing the Eastham Road outside Wellesley Manor. Thankfully, he has since made a recovery. This serious incident serves to highlight the urgent need for a safe crossing on this road. More than 10 school buses use this road daily, picking up and dropping children off from all the local schools outside Eastham Court.’

‘Something urgent needs to be done and I recently brought Michael Finnegan, the County Road Safety Officer, to the area to see for himself how dangerous this road is. I will continue to push this issue until road safety measures are taken’ concluded McKee.