Dublin West by-election candidate David McGuinness has described as “foolish and reckless” the comments of Socialist Party by-election candidate Ruth Coppinger on the impact of multi-national employers in the constituency.

Cllr. McGuinness during a debate on RTÉ Radio this afternoon Ruth Coppinger showed a complete disregard for the thousands of jobs in Dublin West and surrounding areas provided by multi-national companies.  Councillor McGuinness said: “When it was put to Ruth Coppinger this afternoon that her policy to increase Corporation Tax would lead to jobs being lost, she simply retorted, ‘they’re leaving anyway’.  Dublin West needs a representative in the Dáil that will fight to keep companies in Ireland, and not chase them out.

“I am campaigning in this election to continue the good representation my party has given the people in Dublin West and to bring new, constructive ideas into the Dáil to help people in difficulty with their mortgages for example.  I want to protect the jobs that we have and create new employment.  Ruth Coppinger’s jobs strategy seems to be based on destroying a vital multi-national jobs sector.  Multi-national companies have chosen to locate in Dublin West.  They are employing people in the constituency and helping our local economy as well as the national economy.

“Following today’s debate it is clear that the Socialist Party candidate is in favour of more unemployment and driving multi-national employers from Dublin West, Sinn Féin which claims to be the real opposition has no real strategy other than to be in opposition to everything and both Labour and Fine Gael are intent on continuing along the path of broken promises.  The people of Dublin West need an advocate with energy and ideas and I think the choices in this election are becoming clearer by the day.”