Dublin West bye-election candidate, Councillor David McGuinness has condemned the brutal hijacking of a Taxi in Castleknock this morning and called for clear strategy to be put in place to protect vulnerable Taxi drivers from such attacks.

“This was a savage hijacking that was deeply traumatic for the driver and his family. Taxi drivers are increasingly under threat from criminality and violence in the early hours of the morning when they go about their business trying to make a living and provide for their families.  The government needs to get to grip with these rising number of incidents and puts in place a national strategy that will protect taxi drivers.  I am calling for an emergency session of the national Taxi Advisory Committee with a view to putting in place a strategy that brings together Gardaí, emergency workers and Taxi drivers to ensure they are properly protected in the future.  Its time that this committee stands up for ordinary full-time Taxi drivers who are trying to make ends meet in ever more dangerous circumstances.  For too long it has failed to be a voice for taxi drivers in danger,” said Councillor McGuinness.  

“We also need to change the make up of this committee to ensure it truly represents full-time Taxi drivers and can start to take on board their concerns about the startling rise in attacks.  It’s becoming far too dangerous for ordinary taxi drivers to make a living and they feel they don’t have a real voice on the committee. I have been working on this issue with local taxi drivers in Dublin 15 and its time for the government to step up and address these real concerns.”

Cllr McGuinness also highlighted the quick action of the Gardaí in apprehending the criminals.  “The Gardaí bravely tackled the knife wielding assailants head on.  This was a deeply traumatic incident for the taxi driver and his family, the Gardaí acted quickly to arrest the thugs who lured in and then attacked a man simply doing his job.  I wish the taxi driver a speedy recovery from this savage attack.”