Cllr Paul McAuliffe, the local Fianna Fáil public representative for Ballymun, has said today’s shootings in the area have left the local community in shock.

Cllr McAuliffe added that the incidents highlight the need for the Government to continue adequately resourcing local Gardaí to ensure they can continue to target organised crime gangs.

“The local community in Ballymun is in shock following today’s shootings. A very small number of people involved in organised crime in the area are causing misery for local residents.

“People have been growing increasingly concerned by open drug dealing on the streets in recent months. The Gardaí have stepped up their operations in the area to target organised crime gangs. I have met with senior Gardaí and they have assured me that they will continue with these operations so long as they are adequately resourced to do so.

“The Government need to ensure that Gardaí are enabled to continue with their operations. There needs to be a consistent long-term operation in place to tackle crime gangs in the area and to prevent incidents like today’s shootings.

“A small number of individuals must not be allowed to disrupt community life in Ballymun,” concluded Cllr McAuliffe.