The Fianna Fáil Leader on Dublin City Council, Cllr Paul McAuliffe, has expressed his shock and outrage at the latest viscous gun attack in Dublin.

Speaking from the scene of the fatal shooting, the local councillor described it as a brazen and targeted attack that has threatened the safety of the entire local community.

“People have been left in complete shock by the shamelessness of this daylight shooting.  It happened at about 11.30am in one of Dublin’s busiest and most established residential areas, and just metres from St Patrick’s teacher training college which is currently undergoing major construction.  There were families, older residents, students and construction workers in the vicinity at the time,” explained Cllr McAuliffe.

“Make no mistake – this was an attack that put the safety of the Drumcondra community, its residents, students and local construction workers at risk. While it appears that it was a targeted gang style killing, we have heard of far too many incidents where innocent bystanders have been caught in the cross-fire of such brutal attacks.

“Unfortunately this is just the latest incident that proves that criminals operating in our city are becoming more brazen, more public and more brutal.  They don’t care who is put in harm’s way.  It’s very clear that Dublin has an escalating crime crisis and our gardaí are not being given the support they need to tackle it.

“There has been a slash and burn of local garda resources across Dublin and garda numbers have fallen to dangerously low levels.  A fatal shooting like this has an enormous impact on the local community, which has already suffered a spike in burglaries, thefts and anti-social behaviour in recent years.  I held a public meeting on crime last week just meters from where this shooting took place.  Many residents at that meeting spoke about the fact that they simply do not feel as safe as they used to. 

“We need a guarantee from the Garda Commissioner and the Justice Minister that the local gardaí will be given every support possible to track down the criminal thugs behind this latest killing and ensure that justice is done.”