Fianna Fáil Dublin City Councillor, Paul McAuliffe has called on Dublin City Manager, Owen Keegan to hold an emergency information meeting for councillors to brief them on this morning’s incident at the plant which has resulted in 11 people in need of medical assistance.

Cllr McAuliffe commented, “The development of the Poolbeg Incinerator is a project that has been consistently opposed by councillors and local residents for very legitimate reasons.

“The incinerator was lit for the first time last Wednesday and the first day of operation was Friday. It is deeply concerning that less than 7 days later a dangerous health and safety incident has occurred.

“I am calling on the City Manager to urgently arrange a briefing for councillors to ensure that the incident has no implication on the safety and health of residents, that workers are not under any further threat and that there has not caused damage to the Dublin Bay biosphere.

“The Government, together with the Dublin City Council officials responsible for oversight of the Poolbeg site must do what is necessary to assure the public that an incident of this nature will not reoccur.

“Health and Safety protocols at the site must be made sufficiently stringent to protect the human health of employees at the plant, locals in the greater South Dublin area and in particular local residents,” he concluded.