Fianna Fáil TDs for Mayo Dara Calleary and Lisa Chambers took their places on the new Oireachtas Budget Oversight Committee, which held its first meeting in Leinster House this week.  Alongside their party colleagues Michael McGrath and Marc Mac Sharry, they will have a say in the tax and spending options open to the Government for Budget 2017.

Deputy Calleary commented, “Unlike before when Budgets were presented as a fait accompli, the make up of the new Dáil and the setting up of this Oireachtas Committee allows TDs to flesh out specific aspects of the upcoming Budget and propose alternatives or to bring forward key priorities of their own and have them debated and discussed.  This means the Government will not be able to railroad policies through, which should lead to a fairer and more appropriate Budget for next year”.

“Fianna Fáil will play a key role in this important budgetary process.  We will continue to pursue our own policies to bring about a fairer society.  Instead of depending on each party to launch a pre-Budget submission, which is more often than not ignored by the Government, this Committee provides a tangible forum to discuss the tax and spending proposals of each grouping and attempt to achieve a consensus on which ones should be included in the Budget.  I believe this provides a huge opportunity to deliver a Budget that takes care of those most in need, while rewarding those who contribute to society”, added Deputy Chambers.