“Yes is only way to secure vital long-term funding for Ireland”






Speaking as he made a final appeal for a Yes vote in Thursday’s referendum, Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin said that ratifying the Stability Treaty is the only secure way for Ireland to access vital long-term funding for Ireland’s public services.

“This Treaty is not the answer to all of Ireland’s problems but it is important in addressing a fundamental need to be able to access secure and affordable funding for our public services and pensions in the years ahead.  In spite of the negative and cynical campaigns of the main parties against the Treaty the central fact has remained that a No vote is a vote for greater uncertainty and austerity.”

“Over the last month we have taken our campaign to people in all parts of the country.  We refused to join other parties in playing politics on such an important issue and I’m extremely happy with the positive response which we have received.”

“Over the next two days we will keep working for a Yes vote.  When the polls close we will continue pushing for Europe to adopt the further reforms which are vital to restore growth and job creation here and throughout Europe.”