Fianna Fáil Press Office
Cllr Paul McAuliffe
Dublin North-West

15 December 2015

Major Planning concerns as entire housing estate purchased by Tuath Housing – McAuliffe

  • 13 couples who had placed deposits to purchase left in the dark.

Fianna Fáil’s Leader on Dublin City Council, Cllr Paul McAuliffe has expressed concern at the revelation that an entire housing estate in Finglas has been purchased by the housing agency Tuath without any public consultation.

At a meeting of more than 150 people in Finglas last night, elected representatives heard that 13 couples had placed deposits of up to €32,000 on homes in a new housing estate which has now been sold entirely to Tuath Housing. The estate known as An Riasc and built by the Baileys was intended for a mix of public and private housing.

Local Councillor Paul McAuliffe said “it is breath taking that an unaccountable housing agency can purchase an entire housing estate with no regard to elected representatives, social mix, the local community or to those couples who had placed deposits. There is something wrong with our planning system that a planning application can be made for a mixed housing development and in the stroke of a pen, it can be converted into something else.

“Two of the couples who had only heard about the purchase on Facebook were devastated at last night’s meeting. They had invested their dreams in a new home which they were due to receive in January. They have picked out furniture and paid solicitors and valuers. It is just disgraceful what has happened to them. There are serious questions for Tuath and Dublin City Council to answer as to how this deal was done in such a secret way while homes on the estate were being sold.”

“The meeting also heard concerns from adjoining residents who said they had no opposition to social housing being available in that estate or elsewhere in Finglas but they had real concerns about an entire estate having no mixed tenure. Most of the people in the room last night had grown up in Finglas in council or affordable housing, they aren’t approaching this in a NIMBY way. The principle of social mix or mixed tenure has been a hard earned lesson to learn over the past 50 years and we simply can’t let government or local authorities make that mistake again.”

I am opposed to poor planning decisions being made in the midst of a housing crisis, we will merely be repeating the mistakes of the past. The estate has more than 20 four-bed homes which can only be allocated to families of five children from the council waiting list. To immediately place more than 100 children into a new estate without any regard for facilities and schools in the area is simply irresponsible and it will be the people of this new estate and the people of Finglas who will pay the price in the future if we don’t get the mix right now.”

Tuath Housing an approved housing body who provide housing to those on the council’s housing waiting list has purchased an entire 49 unit housing estate on Farnham Drive (between Erin’s Isle and Einn Eber Fort) .

Councillors are due to receive a presentation from Tuath and DCC at today’s North West Area Committee meeting in Ballymun Civic Offices.