Fianna Fáil Jobs Spokesperson Dara Calleary has castigated the government for failing to provide any strategy to deal with the fall out of a possible UK exit from the EU in the latest regional jobs plan for the border counties of Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Cavan, Monaghan and Louth.

Only three weeks ago, the Taoiseach told a Confederation of British Industry Conference in London, that a British exit from the European Union presented a “major strategic risk for Ireland” and “not in Ireland’s economic interest”.

Deputy Calleary said: “It is quite shocking that there is not one reference outlined to this issue in over 119 pages of the latest regional Action Plan – a specifically for the border region which would be most impacted without any contingencies should this scenario arise.

“This shows an unbelievable level of ignorance and a major strategic deficit in dealing with the threat to Ireland should the UK leave the EU.

“The ERSI recently published a very in-depth report highlighting the possible economic implications of a British exit from the EU for Ireland.

“The report suggests that a Brexit could reduce bilateral trade flows between Ireland and the UK by 20 per cent or more. It is quite astonishing that the latest government ‘plan’ fails utterly to factor this into its employment policy document for the border region in the period ahead.

“What this gross admission shows is that Government is more interested in cut and paste election staged announcements then addressing salient issues.

“We need more than photo-ops and staged announcements.  We need a comprehensive policy that will see the economic recovery spread right across the country instead of concentrated on one area.  This Government is detached from reality and has begun to believe its own PR messaging.”