Fianna Fáil General Election Candidate and Longford Councillor, Joe Flaherty has warned that County Longford and the surrounding regions are at massive risk from the fallout of Brexit. Cllr Flaherty was speaking at the recent Fianna Fáil Party Ard Fheis in Dublin and said that the region is in the eye of the Brexit storm.


“The effects of Brexit, even a soft Brexit, will be profound and far reaching, impacting everything from trade, to security, the single electricity market, cross-border cooperation, the all-island economy and the peace-process amongst others.


“Fianna Fáil has from the outset recognised the threat that Brexit poses. We have been constructive in opposition, engaged with stakeholders at national and EU level; pressed for greater supports for our farmers, businesses and SMEs and held the Government to account and called out their complacency in terms of contingency planning.


“Most importantly, Fianna Fáil has put the national interest first and provided stability at this critical time. Sinn Féin on the other hand continues to oppose everything whilst offering no credible alternative; they collapsed the Executive in Northern Ireland over two years ago and have failed to govern since.


“They refuse to take their seats in Westminster and as a consequence there is no nationalist representation in parliament. They want and actively try to orchestrate a general election here. Given Brexit and what is at stake their behaviour is juvenile and reckless and underscores that they are not a Party that is fit for Government”, concluded Cllr Flaherty.