Cllr Deirdre Heney has expressed serious concern at the Plan launched today which sets out a plan to expand Dublin Port through the infilling of portions of Dublin Bay. Cllr Heney has called on local TD’s Bruton and Ó Riordáin to express publicly whether they endorse the Masterplan launched by their colleague Leo Varadkar. She also asked Minister Bruton to clarify if this Masterplan was discussed and approved at Cabinet.

Cllr Heney said, “The so-called Masterplan launched today is deeply worrying for the future of Dublin Bay, and in particular the Clontarf seafront. This is a issue which has been ongoing for many years, and now it seems that the Port authorities have finally gotten their way by convincing Fine Gael and Labour that land must be reclaimed from the Bay.

“It is made very clear on page 31 of the Masterplan, that the current Government endorsed Masterplan will require expansion of the Port through infilling.

“I am now calling on Minister Richard Bruton and Deputy Aodhan Ó Riordáin to publicly state whether they endorse this new Masterplan that advocate infilling part of Dublin Bay.

“I would remind Minister Bruton that he has previously stated that: ‘Dublin Port Must Abandon Plan to Infill 52 Acres of Dublin Bay’. Deputy Riordáin has said he was completely opposed to any proposed infilling of land by Dublin Port in the Dublin Bay area.’ I would also ask Richard Bruton whether this Masterplan was discussed and approved the Cabinet table where he has a seat and whether he voiced the concerns of Clontarf people in relation to this issue.”