Fianna Fáil General Election candidate Cllr. Lisa McDonald is calling
for assurances from government that the Local Link bus service will be extended
beyond its pilot period in Wexford.

The scheme was set up last year to bridge the transport gap in rural areas.

Cllr. McDonald explained, “There has been a huge take up in the five Local Link
services that were introduced in Wexford last year.  The service has given people – particularly older
people – a renewed lease of life by giving them the opportunity to get out and
about during the week and at weekends.

“The weekend schedule from Enniscorthy to New Ross is proving very popular as
people can head into town to meet friends, go shopping or have a drink in the
evening without having to worry about getting home.  Before the service was introduced many of the
people who use it say they had to rely on family or neighbours to bring them to
the places they needed to go and that Local Link has given them a sense of
independence again.

“This is an extremely reliable and popular scheme.  Rural bus services across Wexford leave much
to be desired and this initiative has breathed life back into many communities
across the county. 

“The future of these services should not be up for discussion – they are
providing a much needed transport link for hundreds of people every week.  I am calling on the Transport Minister to
ensure that funding is made available to ensure that this pilot scheme is
placed on a more permanent footing”.