Local Government

Local Government is the tier closest to the citizen. It forms an integral part of the democratic architecture of the state. Fianna Fáil is committed to ensuring it is fit for purpose and effectively represent citizens.

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Establishing Directly Elected Mayors

Fianna Fáil supports the roll out of Directly Elected Mayors starting in our cities. These positions should be given adequate powers and resources to become champions for their areas.

New Powers For Communities

Giving local communities a greater say in their areas is a core part of Fianna Fail policy. We will develop a fund to allow communities buy land or key local assets such as shops or pubs.

Re-establishing Town Councils

Town Councils were abolished by Fine Gael and Labour in 2014 in a direct attack on local democracy. Fianna Fáil will re-establish these core institutions across Ireland.

Setting up Community Councils

Outside of areas covered by Town councils we will work to set up community councils to provide local representation.

Investing the Local Property Tax in Local Areas

The Local Property Tax raises €500m a year. It should be used to invest in local services and a participatory budgeting system put in place to allow local residents a say in where a proportion of the revenue is spent.

Support Local Community Groups

Sports and community groups are the beating heart of any area. They should be fully supported in their vital work. The development levy system should be revamped to contribute directly to eligible clubs, remaining NAMA lands audited to identify suitable sports grounds and the Sugar Tax earmarked for investment in sports.

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