The latest Live Register figures raise alarm bells about the continued increase in long-term unemployment and youth emigration, according to Fianna Fáil’s Spokesperson on Jobs and Enterprise Dara Calleary.
Deputy Calleary said the figures, revealing a slight drop in the numbers signing on in December, mask the true extent of the jobs crisis and the complete failure to provide any real opportunities for young workers at home.
“The fall in the numbers signing on last month has not been matched by an increase in the number of people at work,” the Fianna Fáil Deputy said.  
“This is because the majority of the decrease is down to the numbers of young Irish workers who are forced to leave this country every single month to get a job. The heartbreak of emigration is being felt in communities across the country this week, as so many families say goodbye to loved ones who have to return to their jobs abroad.”
Deputy Calleary said that it’s evident from the month-on-month increase in long-term unemployment that the Government’s approach to tackling the jobs crisis is failing.
“The significant jump in long-term unemployment, particularly among women, is very worrying.  Over the past year, the number of women falling into long-term unemployment has soared by 10.6%.  
“This needs to act as a long-awaited wake-up call for the Government.  So far the coalition has failed miserably to keep its promises on job creation, with a raft of strategies, announcements and ‘packages’ that are heavy on PR and have made little or no difference to the hundreds of thousands of people looking for work.  While it comes as a welcome relief that the Taoiseach has finally seen fit to schedule a special Cabinet meeting on this issue nearly two years into the life-time of the Government, he must now insist on a complete change in direction in how his Government is tackling the jobs crisis.”