Fianna Fáil Justice Spokesperson Niall Collins has described the attack on a Limerick pensioner, where she was beaten up outside her own home and had her pelvis broken as a form of terrorism.  Deputy Collins renewed his party’s call for minimum prison sentences for crimes against pensioners as further details of the victim’s injuries emerged.

Deputy Collins commented, “The savagery of this attack against an 89 year old woman was deliberate in its cruelty and deliberate in the message it was sending to other vulnerable older people in Limerick and across the country.  The thugs who carry out these attacks want to make it clear that they have complete power over their victims and that those who have the strength and courage to resist them will suffer.

“In my book, that amounts to a form of terrorism and the message of this violence has certainly hit home among older people.  Over the course of the last 24 hours I have been shocked and saddened by the number of older people in Limerick who have been getting in touch with me, themselves shocked by the viciousness of this attack.

“But these thugs need to be sent a message in return.  They need to know that if you commit violence against the most vulnerable in our society, you will pay a very heavy price.

“That is why Fianna Fáil has published the Assaults on Elderly Persons Bill 2015.  Our new law would ensure a minimum prison sentence of three years for people convicted of assault causing serious harm to older people and threatening to kill or cause serious harm to anyone aged over 65.

“One of the key tests for any society is how it treats its older citizens.  We are failing, if we do not meet this new trend with a sufficiently robust response.”