Fianna Fáil Spokesperson for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Robert Troy has said that the leaking of the non-statutory State inquiry report undertaken by Judge Carroll Moran into the 2016 Olympic Games ticket fiasco, is indicative of the style of this Government to leak rather than be appropriately questioned.

Deputy Troy made the comments after specific aspects of the report were reported on in national media earlier today.

He said, “Twelve months ago when Minister Ross sought cross-party approval of the establishment of a non-statutory State inquiry into the Rio ticketing scandal he gave an undertaking to bring the full report before the Oireachtas Transport, Tourism and Sport Committee.

“However, members of the committee are still waiting to be given details on the report despite the fact that very specific aspects of the report have been outlined in the national media this morning.

“It is disappointing that committee members have not been given an opportunity to read the report prior to it being leaked to media. Neither have we received any indication of when it will be provided or discussed as promised.

“Today’s reports once again highlight our reservations regarding the establishment of this inquiry last summer. Despite repeated assurances that there would be full co-operation during the formulation of this report, we now know that not all stakeholders co-operated with the process of this inquiry.

“12 weeks has run into 12 months, yet we appear none the wiser given that there appears to be little or no new evidence provided to Judge Moran.

He added, “I have written to the Minister asking for him to appear before Committee and I have also requested his appearance with the Chairperson, Fergus O’Dowd TD.”