Fianna Fáil Senator Catherine Ardagh says the latest shooting in Dublin’s inner city is a frightening escalation of the gun crime epidemic in the capital, and she has called on the Justice Minister to act immediately to address the issue.

Senator Ardagh commented, “I am extremely worried about the level of violence being witnessed on the streets of Dublin in recent months.  This is the second shooting in the south inner city in as many weeks, and the cold blooded manner in which it was carried out, on a busy street in broad daylight, is particularly disturbing.  It also outlines the fact that the perpetrators of this horrific murder place no value on human life.

“Earlier this year Minister Francis Fitzgerald promised extra resources to tackle gangland and gun crime.  However, these measures do not go far enough and we have seen a spate of shootings in the intervening period.

“I am calling on Minister Fitzgerald to realise the urgency with which these extra resources are needed.  How many more lives must be lost before we see more Gardaí on our streets?  We need more than promises, public meetings and photo-ops with the Taoiseach. Communities right across this city are living in fear and this latest murder further reinforces the need for action, not rhetoric”.