Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Health, Billy Kelleher TD, says the latest developments in the process to decide a location for the National Children’s Hospital paint a very grave picture of the state of affairs at the top of the Department of Health.  

Deputy Kelleher commented: “Today’s story in the Irish Independent newspaper, which reveals that the Tánaiste has conducted his own research into possible sites for the new Children’s Hospital without reference to the Minister for Health, proves there has been a fundamental break down of trust within the Government.

“It is obvious that the Tánaiste is no longer willing to take the Minister for Health at his word. Quite simply, the Tánaiste no longer has confidence in him.

“This situation is simply untenable. There is no way that Dr Reilly can be an effective Minister if his colleagues at cabinet don’t trust him. He is clearly isolated and fatally undermined following the series of crises that have characterised his tenure.  If the Tánaiste and the Labour Party don’t trust him, why should anybody else?

“Of course the Minister for Health only has himself to blame. His conduct and operation of his brief has alienated key player at every level.  

“The Tánaiste’s actions and the leaking of this story reveal that things have gone from bad to worse. For how long will the Taoiseach allow this situation continue?”