South Dublin County Councillor John Lahart has called for Irish Water to be scrapped, describing it as a hugely expensive fiasco that has cost Dublin taxpayers dearly.

According to the Dublin South West candidate, the State is €785 million worse off following the establishment of the Super Quango two years ago. Meanwhile, not an extra cent has been spent on fixing one single leak or water supply problem in Dublin.

“This has now gone beyond a joke,” said Cllr Lahart.

“It has been one fiasco after another since this hugely expensive Super Quango was established. There was absolutely no need to set up Irish Water. No one forced the Government to do this. They could have easily left the water infrastructure within the remit of local authorities, and instead spent the money on actually fixing leaks and supply problems.

“What’s happened instead is that €785 million of taxpayers money has been spent on creating a ridiculous Super Quango that has done absolutely nothing but waste money, look after its own bosses with bonuses and perks, spend a fortune on consultants and spin doctors, wasted hundreds of millions on a flawed meter installation process and essentially ignore the needs of consumers and the problems with the water supply in Dublin.

“So much confusion has been created over the water billing process and people feel seriously disgruntled that they are being expected to fork out without getting a single thing in return. This has resulted in an abysmally low level of compliance to date. And now it turns out that instead of benefiting the public as Irish Water was supposed to do, it is instead creating debt of €35 million a year before a cent has been invested in the water infrastructure.

“It is time to put an immediate stop to this ridiculously expensive fiasco. I am calling for Irish Water to be scrapped immediately before more money is wasted.”