Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Education Thomas Byrne TD says the latest action plan launched by Minister Richard Bruton needs to be backed up with adequate resources.

Deputy Byrne pointed out that previous action plans unveiled by the Government have ended up fading into obscurity due to funding problems.

“Minister Bruton and his cabinet colleagues have become experts at launching action plans. It seems a week cannot pass by without a new plan emerging from Government. It’s a great way of garnering publicity, but unfortunately it seems many of the plans aren’t backed up with actual resources,” said Deputy Byrne.

“Not even six months have passed since Minister Bruton launched his previous action plan for our education system. This plan, which was unveiled last September, committed to the publication of yet another plan by the end of 2016 to reform DEIS, which is anxiously awaited by many schools who need extra resources due to disadvantage. We are now well into 2017 and we are still waiting for this plan to be unveiled by Minister Bruton.

“The fact of the matter is that these plans are essentially useless without the necessary resources in place to deliver the key goals contained in them. Many of the previous plans unveiled by the Government have fallen by the wayside, after achieving much positive publicity, simply because the necessary resources have not been forthcoming.

“There have been a dizzying number of plans and reports unveiled to date by this Government. Action plans are being pumped out at an unmerciful rate, but unfortunately they aren’t being followed through with actual action on the ground. Minister Bruton needs to realise that announcing plans alone doesn’t fix problems – he has to actually put in place the resources to achieve the goals contained in these plans,” concluded Deputy Byrne.