Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Education Charlie McConalogue has accused the Labour Party of having no credibility on education after making yet another u-turn on its education commitments.

The Donegal General Election candidate explained, “The Labour Party u-turn in the middle of an election campaign on their student fees promise is a new low in Irish politics.  Despite committing to reduce student fees to €500 in its manifesto, which was only launched on Monday, the Education Minister Jan O’Sullivan has now said that she cannot rule out actually increasing fees above €3,000.

“The Labour Party in Government – with two Ministers of Education – has done huge damage to primary, secondary and third level education. Its policies have been extremely regressive; targeting the most vulnerable, especially students with special needs and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“It has also completely defunded universities and Institutes of Technology, while at same time making third level increasingly unaffordable by almost doubling annual students fees – despite pledging to cut them in the last election.

“The Labour Party has shown itself to be completely incompetent in education and needs to be voted out”.