Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Enterprise, Jobs & Innovation Willie O’Dea has today expressed his surprise at the muted response of the Labour party to Government proposals to cut the wages of low paid workers.


Deputy O’Dea said: “Only a few short weeks ago the Labour party described Minister Bruton’s proposals in relation to JLCs as ‘farcical’, saying that the protection of vulnerable workers was a ‘red line issue’. It seems however that the party’s outrage has quickly dissipated.  Despite the fact that measures launched by Minister Bruton will result in low paid workers earning less, the party has welcomed them, bizarrely describing them as a “positive move”. This astonishing change of heart by the Labour party exposes their earlier comments as little more than sound and fury.


“It is also very convenient for the coalition parties that the Minister’s announcement was timed to take place after the Dáil had risen for the summer. If Labour believes that this cynical piece of news management will allow them to avoid scrutiny on the issue, they are sorely mistaken.”