The first plenary session of the North-South Inter-parliamentary Association was held in the Seanad today and has been hailed as an important step forward by Executive Committee member and Fianna Fáil TD, Seámus Kirk.

Speaking after the plenary session in the Seanad, Deputy Kirk said it was a very worthwhile venture. “This is an important day in North-South relations where members from all parties on both sides of the border could come together and discuss matters of mutual significance.

“It was particularly important to see representatives from the Unionist community present and it was great to see them participating fully in proceedings.

“Today’s session was very informative and a number of issues of mutual interest were discussed including children’s rights and the Ulster Canal. There was useful political progress made and I believe it has been of benefit to all members.

“Dialogue between parties of different philosophies is hugely important and it has been a very worthwhile experience, which can serve to further improve relations between both bodies.”