Yesterday’s denial by Enda Kenny that he had made any personal commitment to Roscommon Hospital is just another aspect of increasingly arrogant behaviour by the government.


This is a serious instance not just because he was caught falsely denying his own claims, but because he has done so repeatedly and misled the Dáil on this matter as recently as this week.


As well as apologising to the people of Roscommon for both breaking and denying his personal promise to protect all of the hospital’s services, he should also apologise to the Dáil.  On Tuesday he angrily rejected my claim that he had made a commitment to the hospital and said he was ‘sick of words being put into [his] mouth’.  He clearly would have kept to this line if a journalist hadn’t kept a recording of his election statement in Roscommon.


Last week Enda Kenny also said that another commitment of his should not be taken literally but was merely “a metaphor”.


He was the person who said repeatedly in February that he would operate to high standards and honour a bond of trust with the public.  Yet every time he is challenged he refuses to be accountable.


This is a part of a pattern evident every day where a government with an enormous majority is becoming increasingly arrogant and aggressive against any attempt at holding them to account.  This week alone the government:


  • leaked a memo from the judiciary and then tried to stop the publication of the full memo on the Courts Service website
  • refused to publish the text of the offer on Ireland’s interest rate which Enda Kenny rejected in March
  • Refused to allow the Dáil to discuss evidence that the Minister for Justice withheld vital information from the Oireachtas when forcing through changes to a tribunal investigating possible collusion by officers of the state with murder


Nearly every day Enda Kenny takes the time to praise himself and his government for having the highest standards.  The growing evidence is that this is about as true as his promises concerning hospital facilities in Roscommon.