The Taoiseach’s appearance at the Banking Inquiry today again shows that he puts politics first in all his actions, according to Fianna Fáil Vice President Deputy Dooley.

“I find it extraordinary that instead of coming to the Banking Inquiry with an honest account of past policies, Enda Kenny decided to continue his hyper-political approach to everything,” said Deputy Dooley.

“The Taoiseach’s evidence shows just how little he has learned from a decade where Fine Gael demanded even more spending and lower taxes, and showed a total disinterest in regulation.

“Let’s be honest and look at the facts. It is a fact that a year before the crash, Enda Kenny said the economy was sound and would grow steadily. He now claims that he knew it was fundamentally broken.

“Today’s appearance was a poor presentation by a leader who has little interest in a fair examination of the past and is totally preoccupied by scoring political points.”