The first meeting Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee will be held tomorrow in the European Parliament in Brussels. Fianna Fail’s newly elected MEP for Ireland South Billy Kelleher has secured full membership of this strategic and high-profile Committee.

Speaking ahead of the Committee meeting, Billy Kelleher MEP said, “I am honoured to be a full Member on the prestigious Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. This Committee will shape the financial and economic legislative direction for Ireland for the next five years. I am determined to represent the views and concerns of communities and businesses across Ireland and be a constructive voice on the European stage.

“It is clear from my engagement with Irish people that there are serious concerns about high insurance premiums which continue to rise and the inequality that faces Irish consumers in terms of access to competitive mortgage rates in comparison to their European counterparts.

“I will stand firm on Ireland’s corporate tax rate and will defend our right to set and maintain the rate of 12.5%. The Fianna Fail Party is staunchly opposed to any moves from Europe or further afield which would undermine our corporation tax policy.

“Ireland’s competitive tax rate is the cornerstone of our industrial tax system and has to be protected into the future. I will use my role on the Committee to ensure that this message is delivered loud and clear in Europe.”