The Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan will be invited to appear before the Oireachtas Committee on Justice to discuss the recent spate of gang murders and violent crime. 

The Committee today endorsed a request from Fianna Fáil’s Justice Spokesperson Niall Collins, who proposed a special hearing with the Commissioner following a series of murders and violent attacks across the country last month.

Deputy Collins explained, “Last month alone there were four gangland murders on our streets, two of them in front of young children, and one that resulted in a fully fledged paramilitary style funeral in broad daylight in Dublin.  On top of this, people across the country were left shocked and saddened at the brutal murder of 67-year-old Eugene Gillespie at his home in Sligo. 

“This recent spate of violent crime, couple with the surge in burglaries, muggings and theft over the past year, has left many people feeling increasingly vulnerable in their homes and in the community. It is crucial that we get the Garda Commissioner’s views on this.

“The gardaí are currently engaged in a crackdown on organised crime that resulted in the arrest of dozens of people in the wake of the funeral of Alan Ryan.  They must be commended for this. Operation Fiacla, targeting gangs involved in burglaries, is also ongoing. As public representatives, we need to ensure that the gardaí have all the necessary resources to sustain these operations and ensure they are a success.

“I want to give Commissioner Callinan the opportunity to outline the progress made in these operations and to discuss details of the resources that are needed to further prevent violent crime.  I welcome the Committee’s backing for my proposal to hear from the Commissioner at the earliest possible opportunity.”